TAMPA, FLA. - The artificial intelligence powered modeling platform SiteZeus announced a partnership with Planned Grocery, a fully integrated dataset focused on tracking development of grocery stores nationwide.  

“Considering the lean profit margins in the grocery vertical, a sophisticated, robust and cost-effective analytics platform is key to decision-making,” said Hannibal Baldwin, chief executive officer of SiteZeus. “Within our partnership, all of this can be achieved at greater speed than ever possibly imagined.” 

The new partnership will help SiteZeus provide insight into competitor development moves to help grocers make their own development decisions, including: 

  • expansion plans 

  • store characteristics 

  • planned opening dates 

  • store sizes 

  • locations 

  • development statuses (e.g., proposed, planned, under construction, recently built, dead deal) 

“With the grocery sector thriving and undergoing rapid change, we are excited to partner with SiteZeus to offer clients the added contextual data they need to make enhanced market planning decisions with a click of a button,” said David Beitz, CEO of Planned Grocery.