SUGAR LAND, TEXAS – Stratum Technology has launched a new platform, HealthCheck by Stratum, designed to help businesses track and evaluate employee health and coronavirus (COVID-19) related symptoms on a cloud-based system.

Grocers can ask their employees to use HealthCheck's digital portal to take a daily self-health assessment based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. When an employee answers the assessment and completes a temperature check, real-time results are encrypted and provided to the employee with recommendations based on survey outcomes.

Outcomes and associated meanings include:

  • Pass - Clear in temperature and symptoms; free to attend work as usual
  • Warn - Consult your physician and employer
  • Alert - Employer has been notified of your symptoms; contact your employer

The daily check-ins allow employers to immediately receive alerts when an employee begins to show symptoms of COVID-19.

“The current health climate has changed the way businesses operate,” said Ryan Trimberger, co-founder and chief executive officer of Stratum. “It is natural to pivot our expertise in cloud-based technology to help businesses make informed operational decisions during these unprecedented times. Data has always been integral to how we support our partners, and now with this new technology, we are helping organizations ensure employee safety, assess the organization’s state of health and resolve potential red flags.”

Now through June 1, Stratum is offering complementary use of the platform to organizations and businesses. More information about the HealthCheck platform can be found here.