MONTEREY, CALIF. - Top fruit and vegetable companies across the United States have partnered with PRO*ACT to donate over $1 million worth of fresh produce to benefit healthcare responders on the frontlines of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.  

The companies came together under PRO*ACT’s new initiative, “Feeding Our Frontlines.” So far, more than 35,000 boxes have been filled with fresh produce and are being distributed to health care establishments across the country. 

Driscoll’s was the first company to commit to the initiative, pledging over $350,000 in berry donations. Other participating produce companies include Sunkist, Taylor Farms, Dole, Rainier, Wada Farms, Mann Packing and Grimmway Farms.  

“We’re pleased that members of the produce industry have been committing resources during this time of need,” said J. Miles Reiter, chairman and chief executive officer of Driscoll’s.  “We are all working together to ensure communities are supported and we’d like to recognize the extraordinary health care efforts by giving back where we can.” 

Distribution of the produce boxes will be focused on the hardest hit areas of the United States.