WENATCHEE, WASH. - Ahead of the start of cherry season, Stemilt is releasing a Fast Facts: The Cast episode centered on Nielsen scan data insights on cherries. 

In the new episode, Roger Pepperl, marketing director at Stemilt, and Brianna Shales, the company’s senior marketing manager, will highlight category numbers from the 2019 season and offer advice for retailers on navigating the cherry season as the country faces coronavirus (COVID-19). 

“Cherries are a key part of the produce department every summer, accounting for 3.1% of fresh produce department sales weekly on average in the US during the May to Sept. 7 timeframe,” said Shales. “In peak weeks, that grows to 5% and above, with the Northeast and Midwest regions skewing above average. It’s important to build a retail strategy that helps shoppers locate and purchase cherries no matter how or when they purchase groceries.” 

Shales anticipates that this year’s cherry harvest will be larger in size and perfect for desserts. She noted that cherries are commonly bought in an impulse purchase, so it will be important for retailers to remind consumers shopping online that cherries are in season. 

Stemilt also expects that packaging will be an element of change for cherries this season. Typically, cherries are packed in random-weight bags, but Shales said the company has seen an uptick in clamshells and top seal this season that they expect to transfer to cherries. 

Stemilt’s Fast Facts: The Cast episode on cherries can be viewed here