SAN DIEGO – With the onset of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States, more Americans are taking advantage of online grocery shopping services. While most major US retailers offer online pickup and delivery services, not as many independent grocers offer online services. 

Online grocery e-commerce platform Mercato works specifically with independent grocers to have stores online and delivery groceries within 24 hours for center aisle staples and produce, and 72 hours for most meat, dairy and prepared food items.  

Over the past month, Mercato’s online grocery platform has been growing about 50 stores a day on average, resulting in a 5,000% spike in consumer orders. 

“From addressing the needs of seniors and medical professionals, and those simply more cautious about multiple trips to the store during the coronavirus crisis, independent grocers are scrambling to get online and serve the needs of their communities,” said Bobby Brannigan, founder and chief executive officer of Mercato.  

“Their customers need fresh groceries they either can’t find at supermarket chains or can’t wait for until national grocery delivery windows to open. We have expanded our onboarding team and are working around the clock to get these independents up online and delivering within 24 hours.” 

Mercato can provide delivery coverage anywhere in the United States, and it has waived all setup fees for independent chain that sign up by April 30. Mercato’s e-commerce technology provides access to customer and product data and utilizes marketing campaigns to drive traffic to the online store.  

“Even with everything going on right now, the Mercato team was a huge help in getting our 50,000+ products online in just 24 hours,” said Russ Greenlaw, vice president of operations for Adams Hometown Markets, Adams, Mass. “We are fortunate to be able to help our customers get the essential foods that they need during this hectic time.” 

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