MADISON, WIS. - Fresh perimeter sales for the week ending on March 22 were up 45.1% compared to a similar week in 2019, according to a report released by the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA) in partnership with 210 Analytics president Anne-Marie Roerink and IRI. 

Within the fresh perimeter departments, dairy sales were up 60%, bakery sales were up 49.2%, produce sales were up 29.7%, deli sales up 1.3% and, as previously reported by Supermarket Perimeter, meat sales were up 91.3%. Total store sales for the week of March 22 were up 59.2%, and center store sales saw an 80.2% increase.  

“Understanding how consumers are shifting their food purchases in the current landscape is incredibly important to even begin to understand what’s next,” said Jeremy Johnson, vice president of education for IDDBA. “For instance, we’re seeing consumers shift to fewer, larger trips as social distancing sets in. We’re seeing a revival of center-store as consumers seek shelf-stable categories. The big question is what that will mean for dairy, deli and bakery departments down the road.” 

The 60% increase in the dairy department was largely driven by increased purchases of butter (up 111.8%), cheese (natural cheese was up 73.9%, and processed cheese up 111.2%) and eggs (up 71.5%). 

The deli department is seeing a unique sales pattern. With many grocers closing made-to-order counters and self-serve buffets and bars, deli-prepared sides have seen sharp decline in sales, down 24.1%. But deli meat and cheese sales are keeping the category afloat with deli meat sales up 37.5% and cheese up 47.5%. 

While bakery sales combined with the bakery aisle, cookies and crackers and the instore bakery saw a sharp increase, the instore bakery department saw sales down by 0.4%. Bread sales were up 53.3%, rolls up 37.5% and croissants up 35%, but cake sales were down 24.8% and donuts down 28%. 

For a full breakdown of grocery sales, view the full report here