VANCOUVER, CANADA – Oppy is extending its partnership with Randhawa Farms, Abbotsford, British Columbia, the owners of the Perpetual Vegetable Co. brand.  

The expansion of the partnership comes after seven years of collaboration between the two companies. A greenhouse grower, Perpetual Vegetable Co. specializes in high-quality pepper and long English cucumbers. 

“We are excited to continue our work with Randhawa Farms and their flourishing Perpetual Vegetable Co. Brand, which has already made waves in the industry,” said Jason Fung, Oppy’s vice president of categories, berries and greenhouse. “Oppy understands and appreciates the strength of strategic partnerships as a way of ensuring we always deliver the best possible experience to our customers in our well-rounded greenhouse category and beyond.” 

Perpetual Vegetable Co’s 76-plus acres of glass greenhouses include high-tech control systems that allow for the conservation and recycling of water, carbon dioxide and other nutrients. The company recently added approximately 22,000 square feet of cold storage with a 600-pallet capacity. 

“Working with Oppy allows us to focus on our key strengths while utilizing their unique competitive advantages and many specialties,” Randhawa Farms’ business director, Vijay Randhawa, said. “The key to continued success is working with partners that can not only help you grow, but also grow with you, which allows for a long-term and impactful development. This is what Oppy offers us and we look forward to the great work that will result from our continued partnership.”