OXNARD, CALIF. – In reaction to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many non-essential employers are being forced to shut down, leaving many Americans without jobs or steady income. And while schools have closed their doors to students, many districts around the country are still providing lunches and food packages to help families feed their children. 

In response to those societal changes and challenges, Bobalu Berries is helping schools put together grab-and-go meals for parents to pick up for their children. 

Despite the global pandemic, the peak of strawberry season is still on the company’s doorstep, and Bobalu continues to work to stock grocery shelves as normal and harvest a regular crop.  

“We are so impressed with our team in the field and how they are embracing the responsibility of serving as essential employees,” said Bobby Jones, partner in Bobalu Berries. “As we make constant changes in the fields responding to spring weather along with this global challenge, we are inspired by the support we receive every day.” 

With assistance from the United Fresh Produce Association, Bobalu partners Bobby and RC Jones reached out to schools this week to offer donations of fresh strawberries. The company is donating strawberries to 4,000 elementary school families picking up week food packages in Oxnard. 

“We know there are still families that rely on school lunch every day to get them through difficult times.  We are trying to make a difference providing fresh berries for each family to enjoy every week as we work through this crisis together,” said Bobby Jones.