After taking a hard look at its Buyer Intelligence database, Catalina has identified three categories poised for extensive growth over the next decade: CBD products, plant-based foods and premium pet food. 

Over the last year, the number of buyers of plant-based meat substitutes has increased by 16%, and 7% for milk alternatives. Within the meat substitute category, shelf-stable and refrigerated product buyers have risen 39%, with frozen products up 8%. The fastest growing plant-based category is dairy-free yogurt which is up 45%. 

Meanwhile the CBD category has soared in the last year with a 510% increase in shoppers. 77% of CBD buyers purchase topicals, 15% supplements and 5% beverages. 

"By knowing which audiences have an affinity to buy in a given category – and where – we can advise customers how best to focus their marketing dollars – and offer the right assortments – so these trend-forward buyers find what they're looking for,” says Marta Cyhan, Catalina’s chief marketing officer. “Right now, there are huge opportunities in the CBD, plant-based and premium pet food categories." 

The full report can be viewed here