The North American Meat Institute (NAMI)—the contractor for the Beef Checkoff program—and the National Pork Board are teaming up this March to promote National Deli Meat Month. 

On behalf of the Beef Check off, NAMI and the National Pork Board are encouraging retailers, health professionals, dieticians and consumers to enjoy their favorite deli meats and educate them of the meat’s nutritional benefits. 

"March is a great time for Deli Meat Month because it's also National Nutrition Month," says Chris Jones, director of marketing strategy at the Pork Board.  "Deli meats provide a convenient source of protein, vitamins and minerals." 

The two organizations point out that while the deli meat category is often the target of critics, there are several studies and dietary guidelines that affirm they can be part of a healthy, balanced diet. A newly created website,, includes resources such as infographics, fact sheets, nutrition information and the latest news that retailers and others can use to promote National Deli Meat Month. 

"This month, and every month, it is meaningful to note that prepared meats such as deli meats are an important part of meat's sustainability story," says Eric Mittenthal, vice president of sustainability for NAMI.  "Animals produce far more than steaks, chops and roasts. Deli and other prepared meats provide nutrient, protein dense foods while allowing the industry to utilize more of every animal we harvest.”