H-E-B helped White Castle break a Valentine’s Day dinner record by partnering with the fast food chain to add another White Castle location in the form of a pop-up in a San Antonio, Texas, H-E-B parking lot. 

Customers at the H-E-B-White Castle pop-up location, along with hundreds of White Castles stores across the country, welcomed customers looking for a Valentine’s Day dinner with a formal dining experience complete with hostess seating, red and white tablecloths, and tableside service.  

Nationwide, White Castle served a record-breaking 30,000 people in its 29th year of the Valentine’s Day tradition. The Valentine’s Day White Castle pop-up spent three days serving customers in the grocery retailer’s parking lot. 

"We were so excited to share the love with our fans in San Antonio, and they welcomed us with open arms," says Jamie Richardson, vice president of White Castle. "We scheduled the pop-up for three days, and reservations filled up within hours. It's been an awesome experience." 

San Antonio is headquarters for H-E-B, which has been selling White Castle’s square hamburgers in the frozen isle since 1988—just a year after the restaurant chain launched its retail line. White Castle says because of that, it made perfect sense to partner with the grocery store chain to turn the pop-up restaurant into a reality. 

Over 750 dined at the three-day pop-up Castle, and one couple even got engaged.