Doral, Florida-based Zummo’s range of foodservice and retail juicers have the capability of juicing orange, grapefruit, tangerine, lime, lemon and pomegranate — alone or in combination.

“It opens up possibilities for consumers eager for new experiences,” says Paula Robredo, Zummo’s sales director.

For retail, Zummo has multiple options that can be combined to cover any customer’s needs, ranging from medium to high production.

The company’s Z40 model, for example, boasts a double functionality that allows customers to operate the juicer on self-service mode or regular operation for high-production needs, Robredo says.

Zummo also offers multiple accessories to operation of the Z40 easy: a cabinet to increase the waste capacity, a self-cleaning filter mechanism, color kits, a bottle rack, 2-gallon reservoir capacity and magnetic sensors for safety.

Newest for Zummo is its NATURE line, introduced at the Host Milan conference in 2017 and for sale in the U.S. beginning in 2018.

NATURE machines include new features to reduce the labor time of the operator and obtain the maximum profitability for Zummo’s customers, all while offering the best quality juice, Robredo says.

Zummo juicers have also been updated in recent years with new designs and colors and new motor speeds.

The company’s patented Efficient Vertical System (EVS) helps differentiate it from the competition, Robredo says. Unlike other squeezing systems on the market, the EVS cuts the fruit in two halves, which are pressed vertically to extract the juice, without touching the peel and without breaking or crushing it.

Because of that, Robredo says, the juice is never impregnated with the oils present in the peel, thus guaranteeing a purer and more natural taste.

The EVS is also 15% more profitable than other systems because all the pulp is squeezed, without wasting a drop, she adds.


Beyond oranges

Zummo’s range of Multifruit juicers not only squeeze oranges but also different ranges of mandarins, limes, lemons, grapefruits, and pomegranates.

“We’re conscious that citrus is seasonal and it’s difficult to find the same size throughout the year,” Robredo says. “For that reason, our machines have different size kits that allow our customers to squeeze from 1.64 inches in diameter to 4 inches.”

Zummo’s self-serve juicers are perfect for helping retailers capitalize on a hot trend: providing their shoppers with an unforgettable instore experience. “Customers participate in the squeezing process, making their own juice,” Robredo says.

Another trend juicers from Zummo and other companies help retailers tap into is consumer demand for more natural products. Growth in sales of natural juices, Robredo says, is “outstanding.”

“We’re faced with a generation of customers, increasingly more informed and demanding, who want healthy and premium products on the shelves,” she says. “In the juices category, it’s reflected in the supply of freshly squeezed juice in the fresh produce sections of a growing number of supermarkets.”

What needs to be considered when including freshly squeezed juice in the retail perimeter?

First, Robredo says, you have to find the right juicer for your particular needs. Certain factors can directly affect profitability, such as the speed of the squeezing, the autonomy of the machine, and its ease of cleaning.


Zumex rolls out several new products

Valencia, Spain-based Zumex offers a range of juicing solutions tailored to the different retail chains it works with around the world, says Manfred Berbel, the company’s global chief sales and marketing officer. Zumex’s U.S. retail partners include Whole Foods, HEB and Wegmans.

New Zumex products for use in retail include the new Speed series, the most powerful range of juicers for high juice demands, Berbel says.

“The new Speed S+plus and Speed Up models are perfect for grocery and fruit and vegetable stores,” he says. “They’re very fast and have excellent autonomy. They’re also easy to clean and offer a simple, convenient self-service juice experience for users.”

Also new for Zumex is the Versatile Pro All-in-One. It comes in two versions, Berbel says: a tabletop version and a podium version which is ideal for retail and makes it the most versatile and compact solution on the market.

“In addition, its new features, which include a new feeding system, a new Easy Press tap and a new bottle holder to simplify filling, enhance the self-service experience, making it easy to use and delivering great performance in environments such as convenience stores, and small and medium grocery stores,” he adds.

Those features include a new feeding system, a new Easy Press tap and a new bottle holder to simplify filling. The narrow podium — the smallest footprint on the market — is light yet resistant and it can hold up to 52 liters of waste, giving the juicer amazing autonomy and making it easy to move according to everyday needs.

Last but not least, Zumex’s new Speed Pomegranates, which is the first high performance pomegranate juicer for retail. “It has the greatest autonomy and is the most robust on the market,” Berbel says.

In addition to its new juicers, Zumex also recently introduced its Citric Active TM, the first cleaning product for professional juicers.

“It’s one of its latest developments and value propositions to guarantee maximum hygiene and food safety,” Berbel says. “Thorough cleaning of commercial and automatic citrus juicers is essential to ensure an efficient juice service.”


A home for produce castoffs 

Juices squeezed fresh instore are enjoying double-digit growth, says Manfred Berbel, global chief sales and marketing officer for Valencia, Spain- based Zumex. Health concerns are of course one huge reason why, but another is increased concern for food waste and sustainability.

Retailers, take note: if your fruit and veggies look too funny to put in your produce departments, consider turning them into juice.

“There’s a boom in the consumption of ‘ugly fruits,’ a trend spearheaded by Zumex,” Berbel says. “Our products have made it easy for millions of people around the world to enjoy the quick and simple experience of serving themselves a glass of freshly squeezed juice on the spot via a self-service formula that delivers outstanding added value.”

From its start in the 1980s, Zumex has been committed to reducing food waste via juicing, Berbel says.

“We aimed to create new solutions which have proven to be effective in promoting the consumption of all citrus fruit, and preventing food waste of all the fruit and vegetables that are considered ‘ugly foods’ and have been rejected in the market because of their appearance,” he says.

From the outset, she adds, Zumex decided to turn the visual defects of fruit into a virtue. Food waste accounts for a third of the food produced in the world, so making the most of fruit is a global challenge which still has a long way to go.

“Wasting fruit because it doesn't look perfect goes against the Sustainable Development Goals and, in fact, more and more consumers are becoming aware of this,” Berbel says.