TORONTO — Puratos Canada, a division of Belgium-based Puratos, is enhancing its approach to health and wellness in 2020 to keep up with growing consumer demands for nutritious and wholesome bakery products.

Puratos Canada said the new strategy comes after results from the 2019 Taste Tomorrow survey by Puratos. It revealed that millennials and Gen Xers are turning away from highly processed baked foods, which can include high amounts of sugar, fat and salt, in favor of healthier alternatives that contain more grains, nuts and fruits.

Puratos Canada said its new approach centers on two elements: Health and Well-being.

“Healthy food is connected to the growing demand for an ethical lifestyle: one that is good for you and also good for the planet,” said Julie Instead, R.&D. director, Puratos Canada. “With the aim of offering solutions designed around the consumer’s needs, Puratos is developing a more holistic approach to help consumers achieve a healthy balanced diet.”

To offer more nutritious products, Puratos Canada is looking to minimize the amount of sugar included in its patisserie mixes for cake, cupcakes and muffins.

As part of its Well-being strategy, the ingredient supplier will launch more clean label, organic and plant-based ingredients and bakery mixes. To improve its Clean(er) Label range, Puratos Canada removed azodicarbonamide and will eliminate sodium aluminum phosphate from Clean(er) Label products by the end of 2020.