All melons shipped last season by tropical fruits industry leader Fyffes were transported in reusable and shared wood pallets.

The company also announced it plans to expand its use of reusables in the 2019-20 season.

“At Fyffes we want to do our bit to contribute to a more sustainable future, and we are proud to have achieved a major milestone in our efforts,” according to the company. “Over the past decade Fyffes has significantly reduced its carbon footprint through different initiatives that support the first pillar of Fyffes global Sustainability Strategy – Stewardship for the Planet.”

One of those initiatives is the use of reusable and shared pallets to transport millions of boxes of Fyffes fruit worldwide, through a partnership with CHEP (Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool).

As a result of this ongoing partnership, all of Fyffes melons were transported in CHEP pallets during the 2018-2019 offshore season, and their use in transporting bananas is increasing as well.

“We feel proud to partner with Fyffes and share our commitment to make the world a better place through the circular economy that these pallets offer,” says Erick Pinot, commercial director of Mexico and general manager in Central America for CHEP. “This provides the benefit of acquiring a sustainable product in a society that is engaged with the planet now more than ever.”