Volpi Foods, Inc., a manufacturer of authentic Italian specialty foods, and Norseland, Inc., the exclusive dairy importer of Jarlsberg cheese in the United States,  announced the companies have entered a partnership to collaborate and expand sales outreach in the specialty foods segment, with a stated goal of realizing accelerated growth and domain authority within this artisan category in the fast-paced food industry.

“With Norseland as a global strategic partner and leader in specialty brands management, we believe there is significant opportunity to accelerate growth and awareness of the specialty foods industry by bringing definition and structure to the space in both consumer expectations and retailer vision,” stated Tim Urban, Chief Commercial Officer, Volpi Foods. “The partnership with Norseland is a result of Volpi’s continued growth and success, along with this fast growing food segment.”

The alliance will allow both premium brands to collaborate and expand combined sales and marketing reach for the entire specialty foods industry benefiting both existing and future customers. The purpose of this alliance is to further enhance the sales support, customer service, product distribution and marketing coverage for both companies. Norseland’s national sales force and powerful national distribution network will facilitate the expansion of Volpi brands to grocers, retailers, and foodservice channels. 

“Both the Volpi and Jarlsberg brands demonstrate some of the oldest forms of manufactured food, linked to ancient techniques and processes. The craft is integral to the products, and together the brands are re-forming the specialty foods industry,” said Lorenza Pasetti, President, Volpi Foods. “When focusing on products that are produced and managed by experts and artisans, quality is key. The attention to detail, craft and age-old methods derive from passion and commitment, consistent with tradition and heritage.”

For more information on Volpi Food, visit www.volpifoods.com. For more information on Norseland, visit www.norseland.com.