Jennie-O, a brand on a mission to show the world how easy it is to eat well with the delicious taste of turkey, is poised to expand its deli product portfolio with a host of new items that align with consumer desire for better-for-you options and creative, on-trend flavors.

In 2014, Jennie-O brand will expand its line of reduced sodium deli items, which offer consumers oven roasted deli turkey options with 50 percent less sodium, according to USDA data. Additional deli products set to debut this year include: newly reformulated JENNIE-O Buffalo Style Chicken Breast, Applewood Smoked Chicken Breast and limited-time-offer JENNIE-O Smokehouse Turkey Breast and — back in stores for the holidays — JENNIE-O Cranberry Sage Turkey Breast.

“With these additions to our deli portfolio, Jennie-O will be better equipped to meet consumer preferences for nutrition-conscious options and creative flavors,” says Mary Wieland, deli product manager at Jennie-O. “From a new addition to our line of reduced sodium turkey breasts and flavorful chicken breast offerings, to limited-time-offer items slated to debut right before the holidays, we expect these items will be a hit with consumers and help drive deli counter sales for our retail partners.”

Reduced Sodium Turkey Breasts Meet Demand for Better-for-You Options

Building on its existing portfolio of reduced sodium deli products, this year, Jennie-O will launch new JENNIE-O Reduced Sodium Grand Champion Oven Roasted Turkey, a delicious browned variety of deli meat.

The product promises to be an excellent fit for today’s nutrition-conscious shoppers, according to recent research from the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT). The IFT research, released at the organization’s 2014 Annual Meeting & Food Expo, indicates that more than 50 percent of consumers are interested in products with reduced levels of salt.

Each serving of the new JENNIE-O Reduced Sodium Grand Champion Oven Roasted Turkey is only 50 calories, includes less than 1g of fat and 260mg of sodium.

JENNIE-O Deli Items Appeal to Consumer Interest in Creative Flavors

As consumers become more inclined to experiment with creative tastes, the JENNIE-O product portfolio has grown to include a wide variety of interesting flavor combinations. Now, the company’s latest deli offerings continue to align with changing attitudes highlighted in Technomic’s 2013 Flavor Consumer Trends report.

Newly Reformulated JENNIE-O Buffalo Style Chicken Breast: According to the Technomic report, in 2013, for the first time ever in the United States, the majority of American adults (54 percent) reported they prefer spicy foods and sauces, a significant increase of 6 percent since 2011. New JENNIE-O Buffalo Style Chicken Breast offers an ideal combination of spicy Buffalo sauce, reminiscent of traditional Buffalo chicken wings, and vinegar and butter that yields a bold, yet balanced taste that won’t overwhelm turkey’s natural flavoring.

New Applewood Smoked Chicken Breast: Featuring a mild smokiness mixed with a subtle sweet taste, JENNIE-O Applewood Smoked Chicken Breast is a versatile choice for shoppers interested creating unique flavor pairings. New Applewood Smoked Chicken Breast is uncured, contains no nitrates or nitrites and is 98 percent fat free.

Limited-Time-Only Products to Debut in Time for Holiday Rush

Scheduled to debut in October 2014 — just as the busy holiday season approaches — Jennie-O will also launch two limited-time-only deli products.

JENNIE-O Cranberry Sage Turkey Breast: Boasting sweet, fruity and savory flavors synonymous with the holidays, Cranberry Sage Turkey Breast is great for making a variety of special sandwiches, snacks and meals perfect for home entertaining. This deli option is made with premium quality, oven roasted whole muscle turkey breast.

JENNIE-O Smokehouse Turkey Breast: Made from all natural, whole muscle turkey breast, Smokehouse Turkey Breast is hardwood-smoked with hickory chips to achieve an appetizing, savory taste, making it a versatile option for any meal. The product is also uncured and free of nitrates and nitrites.

JENNIE-O Deli items are available at retail locations nationwide. For more information about Jennie-O and its full suite of products, visit