ANN ARBOR, MICH. — Zingerman’s Bakehouse has partnered with the Bread Lab Collective to launch State St. Wheat, a new five-ingredient sandwich bread made with no added preservatives.

The Bread Lab Collective is a group of artisan bakers who work in collaboration with the Bread Lab of Washington State University. The Bread Lab began in 2011 in a small laboratory in the W.S.U. Mount Vernon Research Center. Today, it occupies 12,000 square feet at the Port of Skagit and includes the Bread Lab research and baking kitchen, a cytology laboratory, the King Arthur Flour Baking School at the Bread Lab, a milling laboratory and a professional kitchen.

The goal of the Bread Lab’s sandwich loaf program is to use artisan techniques to develop nourishing bread with seven or fewer ingredients and at least 50% whole grain flour.

Zingerman’s Bakehouse is an artisanal retail and wholesale bakery and baking school in Ann Arbor.

“We hope the launch of State St. Wheat inspires other artisan bakers to join us so Bread Lab Collective sandwich bread is available in every state,” said Amy Emberling, co-managing partner of Zingerman’s Bakehouse. “By returning to artisan techniques, intentional ingredient choices, and including freshly-milled whole grains, we’re able to connect to our communities, our land, and our traditions in a meaningful, nourishing way.”

More than a dozen bakeries across the United States have joined the Bread Lab’s mission and are developing their own version for the Bread Lab Collective’s sandwich loaf program. Participating companies include King Arthur Flour, Norwich, Vt.; Barrio Bread, Tucson, Ariz.; Seven Stars Bakery, Providence, R.I.; Breadfarm, Seattle; Prager Brothers, Carlsbad, Calif.; and Elmore Mountain Bread, Wolcott, Vt.

Zingerman’s said 10c of every loaf sold will benefit the Bread Lab’s efforts “in support of appreciating the cultures and traditions that define what we eat, and to continue its role in moving food systems forward in more meaningful and just directions.”