Temperature is critical to the success of yeast-raised donut production, and the finishing and toppings are no exception. Donuts need to be cooled to the right temperature, and icings and glazes need to be kept at the optimal temperature for processability.

“You want the proper amount of adherence,” said David Moline, vice-president, sales and marketing, Moline Machinery. “You want to maintain the glaze’s proper color and make sure you’re getting the right amount on the donut.”

For a perfectly cooled donut, conveyor length is critical. Donuts cool as they travel between fryer and finishing equipment, and bakers need space to give product enough time to cool down.

“We’re able to supply the full system and therefore have full control over the system design,” Mr. Moline said of Moline Machinery’s capabilities. “We know it can be delivered with the proper temperature, so we can also supply all the handling equipment so we’re able to control equipment process and ingredient process because they need to work together.”

Moline Machinery offers glazing, half-icing and topping systems for donuts.

Belshaw developed systems for industrial heated icers and glazers to provide effective temperature control as well as a sequence of conveyor belts that adjust to manage the flow of icing or glazes.

Topos Mondial’s glazers feature a water-heated jacketed holding tank. Bakers can also use an air curtain after the glaze to remove excess glaze.

“In designing a good glazer, you want to recirculate and maintain a good temperature, variable speed and maintain a good curtain quality,” said Damian Morabito, president, Topos Mondial.

The company also offers half-icing and sugaring systems.