Like most businesses, supermarkets should be investing in marketing practices that build loyalty among customers. The fast-growing market for grab & go foods, however, can make engaging with customers difficult. This rapid growth reflects a strong demand for quick and convenient meals and snacks similar to what a person would serve and enjoy if they had cooked it themselves.

Grocery store operators who put effort into building positive relationships with shoppers know that they will likely return and shop again. Finding ways to turn hurried customers who focus on the convenience of grab & go foods into repeat customers can be one of your biggest challenges.

It is important to remember, however, that the need for convenience in the busy lives of consumers does not negate the need to deliver the same great tasting quality foods people expect from a trusted supermarket. Shoppers seeking convenience still tend to pay close attention to the foods they are purchasing. Grab & go customers continue to look closely for ingredient and nutrition facts printed clearly on the label.

Label messaging is a great opportunity to stay ‘top-of-mind’ with customers once they have made their purchase and left the store. If you are using tamper-evident labels, like those offered by DayMark Safety Systems, that adhere to most packaging materials safely and securely, messages can be customized for the shopper. Combined with DayMark’s MenuPilot™ platform, tamper-evident labels can include basic information such as safe handling instructions, date and time the food was prepared, and nutritional information.

Taken a step further, grocery market operators can create an attractive label using the company’s logo and tagline, a phone number or web address—whatever customized marketing information that delivers your message. The TamperSeal labels system also guarantees that food is appropriately labeled and handled, so customers feel safe eating your grab & go products.

Customized labels are a cost effective, highly visible way for supermarkets to stay in front of customers who are in and out quickly—delivering customer satisfaction while building brand awareness should guarantee a return visit.