According to a recent survey of more than 2,000 U.S. adults conducted online by The Harris Poll, 68 percent of Americans secretly dislike a classic Thanksgiving food but eat it regardless due to tradition.

Among the top choices from those surveyed are:

  1. Canned cranberry sauce (29 percent)
  2. Green bean casserole (24 percent)
  3. Sweet potatoes/sweet potato casserole (22 percent)
  4. Pumpkin pie (21 percent)
  5. Turkey (19 percent)

Canned cranberry sauce (as opposed to homemade versions) was found to be “disgusting” by nearly half of Americans (46 percent). However, despite the apathy towards canned cranberry sauce, it’s still the preferred purchase over fresh cranberries.

If there’s one food that many people can agree is a popular Thanksgiving food, it’s pie. 94 percent of Americans eat pie on Thanksgiving. Pumpkin pie (31 percent) tops the list of favorite pies to eat on Thanksgiving, followed by apple pie (18% percent) and pecan pie (18 percent).

Another interesting finding from the survey is a distaste for leftovers. 23 percent of Americans are not interested in saving Thanksgiving leftovers. Millennials are especially opposed to them, as 32 percent of the generational group are not interested in leftovers.