Cleaning equipment innovator Kaivac’s latest product helps grocery retailers to better maintain temperatures in refrigerated display cases, yielding huge energy cost savings.

Kaivac’s Cooler Case Cleaner keeps condenser coils in cases for meat, dairy, produce and other foods from becoming soiled and clogged.

“The system is similar to a gentle but powerful pressure washer,” says Mike Perazzo, vice president of business development for Kaivac. “Cleaning solution is applied to shelves, fans, condenser coils, and other refrigeration components. Then the moisture and soils are vacuumed up by the machine.”

The technology is based on Kaivac’s No-Touch Cleaning® System developed twenty years ago, now considered the gold standard when it comes to spray-and-vac cleaning.

“So far, some of our biggest customers have been mega-retailers such as Target and Walmart,” says Perazzo. “These retailers are very energy- and sustainability-focused, so they are always looking for new ways to reduce [energy] consumption and energy costs.”