Server Products' new foodservice dispenser stands out for its versatility.

The ProPortion dispenser, which is available in both single- and triple-tip formats, come with color-coded valves and portion tabs.

The valves are available in small, medium and large options for dispensing different viscosities. And the six color-coded portion tabs come in six different sizes.

“A great thing is the ability to use ProPortion with so many different products without there being any issues regarding thickness,” says Aaron Sloma, owner and operator or Viand Hospitality, which tested the dispenser in both its Parker John’s BBQ & Pizza and Log Cabin Restaurants locations. “That’s very appealing to us.”

Portion controlled dispensing can result in use of considerably less product with fewer pauses to refill dispensers. “This product was designed with operators in mind; we wanted to give them precision and accuracy without complicated training or additional ongoing labor,” says Brian Kopeny, product solutions specialist at Server Products.

Both the product and labor efficiencies can save an operation up to $500 per dispenser.

And to increase food safety, the ProPortion™ has an elevated bottom that prevents the dispensing tip from coming into contact with preparation surfaces in the kitchen.