Midwestern retail chain Meijer has joined forces with a software specialist in autonomous work and project management to successfully implement a major cross-company initiative and human resources (HR)-based technology initiative.

Part of Meijer’s Workday Implementation project, Moovila’s award-winning project management platform delivers improved accountability, process consistency, risk mitigation and better resource allocation – all contributing to an on-time, on-budget rollout of the new technology.

The project encompasses every department within Meijer and involved employees, external consultants and vendors. The retailer selected Moovila, named one of CIOReview’s 2018 10 Most Promising Collaboration Solution Providers, for its breakthrough technology and three-pronged approach to collaboration in work and project management:

Connectivity – connecting all key stakeholders in a secure environment

Accountability – clarifying who is responsible for what, and by when

Predictability – forecasting the probability of on-time completion, and continuously tracking, managing and mitigating project risks

Based on the premise that each collaborative project has its own “critical path” – the sequence of dependent tasks that defines the shortest time for project completion – Moovila’s proprietary Critical Path Engine provides an in-depth analysis of these functions and predicts areas that could potentially derail a project.