LOS ANGELES — Don Lee Farms is joining the meat mimicking movement with the launch of the Better Than Beef Burger.

Made with non-G.M.O. plant protein, the burger was designed “to fill a void for a nutritious and satisfying beef alternative in the plant-based burger market,” the company said. The plant-based patties are gluten-free, vegan and come in packages of two quarter-lb burgers. The Better Than Beef Burger will be available in Costco, HEB stores and other national retailers.

“Our new Better Than Beef Burger delivers on the experience and satisfaction of beef’s aroma, texture, flavor and juiciness with the lowest calories, fat and saturated fat on the market,” said Danny Goodman, head of development at Don Lee Farms. “We can’t wait to get this burger in more hands as we expand our brand into retail markets.”

The new Better Than Beef Burger arrives on the heels of Don Lee Farms’ Organic Plant-Based Burger, which debuted in April. The Burger “bleeds” organic beet juice and sizzles on the grill from organic vegetable-based fats, the company said. The burger is U.S.D.A. certified organic, vegan, G.M.O.-free and gluten-free.

The company also manufactures vegetable burgers made with a blend of sweet potato and sunflower seeds, chipotle black bean burgers, and an organic superfoods vegetable burger made with quinoa, kale and almonds.

“We are thrilled to introduce the new Better Than Beef Burger,” said Donald Goodman, president of Don Lee Farms. “This new burger, along with our growing vegan line launched 15 years ago, reinforces our family’s commitment to continuous innovation in plant-based proteins.”

Founded in 1982, Don Lee Farms produces plant-based and meat proteins for retail, club, food service and school food service markets. Its products are sold by retailers including Costco, Whole Foods Markets, Albertsons Companies, HEB and Publix under the Don Lee Farms label, private brands and under brands of the company’s partners.