Discount retail giant Aldi has been honored by the Environmental Protection Agency for its work installing environmentally friendly refrigeration technologies.

Aldi received a 2018 Store Certification Excellence award from the EPA's GreenChill Partnership for its leadership as the grocery retailer with the most GreenChill store certifications in the past year.

The GreenChill Partnership helps supermarkets make the shift to environmentally friendlier refrigerants, reduce harmful refrigerant emissions and adopt greener refrigeration technologies and environmental best practices.

Since receiving its first GreenChill certification in 2015, ALDI has worked alongside the GreenChill Partnership to reduce refrigerant emissions to decrease its impact on the ozone layer and climate change. As of June, Aldi had 238 certifications and re-certifications through June 2019. The store locations received Platinum ratings, the highest level of achievement.

"Over the last year, Aldi has transitioned to natural refrigerants (CO2) in hundreds of stores as part of our journey toward environmentally sustainable refrigeration systems," says Aaron Sumida, an Aldi vice president. "This recognition from the GreenChill partnership is an important celebration of our journey as we continue to make strides in reducing our carbon emissions and finding innovative renewable solutions."