The Kroger Co. says it will break ground in Dallas next year on its fifth Customer Fulfillment Center with Ocado, one of the world's largest dedicated online grocery retailers.

"Kroger is incredibly excited to construct one of our industry-leading Customer Fulfillment Centers in Dallas, Texas — one of the largest cities in America — in relationship with Ocado to bring fresh food to our customers faster than ever before," says Robert Clark, Kroger's senior vice president of supply chain, manufacturing and sourcing for Kroger. "Through our strategic partnership, we are engineering a model for the region, leveraging advanced robotics technology and creative solutions to redefine the customer experience for our customers in North Texas and across America."

Kroger has committed to building up to 20 CFCs across the country. The locations, powered by Ocado, are meant to accelerate Kroger's ability to react to increasing consumer demands for anytime delivery. The CFC model — an automated warehouse facility with digital and robotic capabilities — will be replicated to serve customers across America.

Kroger broke ground on its first CFC in June in Ohio and then began work on a second location in Florida in July. The company has also announce plans for CFCs in Georgia and a yet-to-be-named Mid-Atlantic location.