Producers of depositors and other cake production equipment for commissaries and central kitchens continue to innovate and find new efficiencies — all while maintaining the highest food safety standards.

The BD 3 from Torrance, California-based Bakon Food Equipment is the company’s latest addition to its range of depositing machine that are “small in size but big in performance.”

According to Bakon, because of the BD3’s ease of use, it increases a baker’s production capacity and also makes it possible to easily enlarge their variety of products.

“The Bakon BD 3 is a small table top depositing machine to suit small production companies such as confectioners, caterers, chocolatiers, hotels and restaurants. Due to its ease of use, the BD 3 increases your production capacity and also makes it possible to easily enlarge your variety of products.”

The depositor is available in three models, is expandable with accessories and has a variety of advantages, according to the company, including:

·          Ease of use

·          Ease of cleaning (all parts are dishwasher proof)

·          Expandable with various accessories

·          Versatile

·          Depositing volume of 10 to 550ml

·          Quick product change


Versatile cost savings

Bothell, Washington-based Hinds-Bock has 25 units in its line of cake batter fillers and depositors, including the standard single piston SP-64 filler/depositors, which the company calls “the classic workhorses of the baking and food processing industry.”

Easy to clean and operate, versatile and gentle on all products, the machines provide immediate cost-saving results, according to Hinds-Bock. And large port openings permit filling of chunky ingredients without crushing

Hinds-Bock’s tabletop depositors, meanwhile, are the perfect answer for bakers with limited space.

Handling all batters with gentle care, they maintain the integrity of quality products and are easy to operate.

“These are the economical, maintenance-free workhorses of the smaller bakery,” according to Hinds-Bock. “They can handle a wide variety of pan configurations.”

Hinds-Bock also manufactures specialized production lines for the baking and food processing industries. The system features a servo driven dual chain conveyor with optional paper cup placer, batter depositor and a second diving bridge injection depositor and is ideal for applications such as muffins, mini cheesecakes, and snack cakes with fruit or cheese filled centers.

It also includes recipe control accessed through an Allen Bradley PLC for quick change over for various products and simple tool free adjustments for pan to pan product change over. The conveyor can also be lengthened for additional options.

“Enhance the production line with a dry topping machine for nuts or streusel, or a custom swirling device to mix two flavors of product together,” Hinds-Bock recommends.


Food safety front and center

British Columbia-based Unifiller’s Pro Series depositors are perfect for conditions in which there are extreme temperature requirements.

An upgraded pneumatic control system intended to work in hot and cold environments substantially reduces the wear and tear caused by moisture build-up, caustic cleaning processes and daily use, making such a system perfect for cold deli food and ready meal production plants, according to Unifiller.

The series’ versatility lends itself to many configurations via attachments, which may include cake heads, diving nozzles spreader nozzles and injection needles. And different hopper sizes, heated hoppers, hopper stirrers and agitators allow producers to better maintain product integrity. Mounting and travelling bridges are also available for use over form, fill and seal systems.

According to Unifiller, the Pro Series is built to the highest food safety standards. Features include angled surface covers to eliminate pooling and a stainless steel, tool-free design, which makes maintenance, changeover and disassembly easy. The depositors also come with full wash-down capabilities and a design that focuses on the fewest parts to maintain and clean. That translates to quick sanitization and maximum uptime.

Unifiller’s Pro 1000i FS Food Filler Machine with Large Heavy Duty Deposit Range is designed to quickly and accurately deposit over conveyors.

Designed for industrial food filling, it features a patented SV product valve, large openings for safe depositing of larger chunks up to 3/4”.  It also features precision height adjustment, and angled surface covers to eliminate pooling of water or food particles. The pneumatic control system works in extreme hot and cold environments reducing damage caused by moisture build-up, caustic cleaning processes, and daily wear and tear, according to Unifiller.

Other features and benefits include:

·          Unique one turn speed adjustment dial & precision height adjustment

·          Works with form, fill, seal lines and more.

·          Over 100 standard machine attachments/accessories

·          4 product cylinder sizes available with integrated tool tray

·          Recall Recipes at the Touch of a Button

Designed to work over conveyors, Unifiller’s Pro servo depositor series is a versatile and flexible solution for industrial cake and food production lines. Depositors in the line feature an accurate, height adjustable mobile frame, a diving nozzle with built-in suck back, flow control for liquids and can be used for various flowable products.

With its built-in PLC system, the operator simply selects a pre-programmed recipe at the touch of a button, and the depositor automatically adjusts to the relevant depositing profile for each product, according to Unifiller.

Other features include:

·          Electronic recipe storage for 100 recipes

·          4 product cylinder sizes, 6 programmable modes available

·          Equipped with a cycle counter and total deposit counter

·          Connect to inline check weigher for automatic volume adjustments

·          Use alone or integrate into a production operating system in slave mode

Unifiller’s Pro 2000i FS Food Filler Machine, meanwhile, delivers plenty of power for larger portions.

Designed to work over conveyors, the Pro 2001i features a patented SV product valve, large openings and passages for safe depositing of larger chunks up to 1.5”. 

Other features and benefits include:

·          Unique one-turn calibrated deposit speed adjustment dial

·          Quick connect stainless steel fittings

·          21 Gallon (79 liters) conical hopper

·          Great fit for form, fill and seal lines