How do you dough? As the popularity of pastry products continues to rise, phyllo is making waves as the product of choice. According to Peter Parthenis Jr., CEO and President of Grecian Delight, the demand for phyllo-based goods is growing and Nielsen data predicts the market has increased by nearly 300 percent outside of the United States.

“People can’t get enough phyllo,” notes Parthenis. “We’re constantly looking for new ways to utilize traditional ingredients. Our Phyllo Swirls add a contemporary twist to an old favorite.”

Available in sweet and savory flavors such as apple, cheese, and spinach and cheese, the natural product contains no trans fats, artificial colors or flavors. In addition, the Phyllo Swirls are incredibly easy to make. “Simply place on a cookie sheet, pop them in the oven, and enjoy!” adds Parthenis.

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