Garner, North Carolina-based turkey titan Butterball offers its own take on bacon — one that more and more consumers are finding attractive.

“We see two primary groups of turkey bacon consumers—those who are devotees for its taste and health attributes, and those who are open to switching between turkey bacon and pork bacon when price is the driver,” says Allie McManus, Butterball brand manager for consumer packaged goods. 

Turkey bacon has retained its popularity over time, she says, serving as a go-to for consumers who want the savory, crispy taste of bacon but who are avoiding red meat as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

“There has been a noticeable shift among consumers for cleaner labels and ‘better for you’ food options, including in the bacon space,” McManus says. “We’ve seen a desire for more all-natural products and lower sodium options, but taste ultimately remains on the top of consumers’ lists.”

Butterball also offers a low-sodium turkey bacon, which has 65% less fat than regular pork bacon and 40% less sodium than regular Butterball Turkey Bacon.

In addition, all varieties of Butterball turkey bacon have no hormones or steroids and are free from fillers, giving consumers the taste they love that fits their healthy lifestyle. In 2018, the company launched its All Natural Uncured Turkey Bacon, which has no added nitrates or nitrites and no artificial ingredients.