Ralphs grocery stores in Southern California will now carry Rubicon Bakers’ full line of handcrafted cakes and cupcakes.

Rubicon Bakers’ line of 16 “every day” cakes and cupcakes, including five vegan varieties, will be on shelves in 175 Ralphs stores by the end of August.

The line includes double-layer cakes and filled cupcake 4-packs. Cake varieties include California Lemon, Mom’s Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Triple Chocolate Ghirardelli, Birthday, Vegan Chocolate Blackout, and Vegan Vanilla.

Cupcake varieties include Chocolate Cream, Lemon, Red Velvet, Carrot, Vegan Neapolitan, Vegan Chocolate Blackout, and Vegan Vanilla. 

“Partnering with Ralphs is an exciting way to not only share our delicious, hand-finished cakes and cupcakes, but to also further strengthen our social mission,” says Leslie Crary, Rubicon Bakers’ co-owner and vice president of human resources. “Many employees come to Rubicon Bakers from life on the streets, prison or recently recovered from substance abuse. Our growing business enables us to increase employment opportunities for folks looking for a second chance and a way to support themselves and their families.”