SweeTango apples are now being harvested in the Western U.S., and Eastern and Midwestern deals are set for early September starts.

Growers are reporting that the overall crop volume is looking to be higher than last year and that fruit quality this season is exceptional with minimal russeting.

SweeTangos are harvested in Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, New York, and Nova Scotia, Canada.

“Stemilt just started harvesting its share of the SweeTango apple crop in Washington State late last week,” says Brianna Shales, communications manager for Stemilt Growers. “It’s looking like a beautiful crop with average sizing and great quality, and we look forward to start getting it to grocery stores shortly.”

Rod Farrow, co-owner of Fish Creek Orchards in New York assesses this year’s crop in the Northeastern U.S. as being “really top-notch.” While bloom was roughly two weeks later than normal, growing conditions were otherwise ideal with plenty of heat and moisture over the summer growing season. “We’ve had some good SweeTango crops over the past few seasons, but this one is turning out to be pretty special.”