Cargill experts will be on hand at IBIE, available to discuss new product developments and trends in the bakery and snack marketplace.

The company will focus on three areas of interest:

Improving bakery shortening performance. Earlier this year, Cargill launched its PalmAgility™ line of superior-performing palm shortenings. At IBIE, the company will be adding four new products to the portfolio, designed to stand up to some of the most challenging baking applications, including icings, Danish pastries and donuts. Schedule a time to meet with one of Cargill’s shortening experts to learn how this next-generation line of shortenings is addressing some of the biggest needs in the marketplace.

Powering up bakery and snack sales with plant proteins. Cargill recently completed a proprietary study of consumer perceptions related to plant-based proteins. The company talked to consumers across the U.S. to learn how various factors impact purchasing behavior and perceptions. At IBIE, Cargill will share how bakery and snack makers can use those insights to drive product sales and sample an assortment of protein-rich baked goods, from waffle crisps to biscotti.

Winning the hearts of consumers through premium cocoa and chocolate indulgence. Get a preview of some of Cargill’s most premium bakery ingredients, including its new Gerkens® Duchess cocoa powder – designed by our cocoa engineers specifically for use in bakery. See why consumers preferred baked goods made with Duchess in a blind taste test.