Food Marketing Institute (FMI) has selected Alchemy Systems to develop and provide online training courses for FMI’s SafeMark food safety programs for retail associates.

With the release of the FDA Food Code in December 2013, all SafeMark training programs are being updated and released over the next few months. Printed training materials will continue to be provided directly through FMI, while Alchemy will provide the completely re-written online courses. The updated certification examination from the National Registry for Food Safety Professionals is expected in the fall of 2014.

“Alchemy’s knowledge and expertise in food safety along with their innovative training methods will allow FMI to provide the best possible comprehensive food safety training to the retail food industry,” says Hilary Thesmar, PhD, RD, Vice President of Food Safety Programs for FMI. “Alchemy’s products delivered over 8.3 million training events last year to hundreds of thousands of food workers, so they understand how to communicate efficient, effective and lasting training messages.”

“FMI’s leadership in the area of retail food safety is unparalleled,” says Jeff Eastman, CEO of Alchemy Systems. “FMI’s SafeMark program is the only food safety initiative developed by retailers, for retailers. FMI members have been very helpful in suggesting enhancements for this next generation of online courses, such as significant upgrades to the graphics and the interactivity, and the ability to provide customization for volume purchasers.”

FMI and Alchemy worked to allow customization of the online courses, while still meeting jurisdictional approvals. Volume purchasers have the option to incorporate their chain’s logo and color scheme, and to have call-outs for chain-specific policies that exceed the Food Code’s minimum requirements. This method of customization allows employees to learn not only what is needed to pass the exams, but also how their chain is working to increase quality and safety above those guidelines.

The SafeMark publications and online courses that will be available in English and Spanish include the following:

SafeMark™ Guide to Food Safety: Manager Certification Training
SafeMark™ Food Safety Fundamentals for Food Establishments: Manager Certification Training
SafeMark™ Quick Reference: Food Safety for Food Handlers