A big crop of SweeTango apples is expected to begin shipping in late August.

Volumes of the variety, a cross between the Honeycrisp and Zestar varieties, are expected to be up from last year and from the 5-year average, according to the Next Big Thing Growers’ Cooperative, a 47-member group that grows and markets the SweeTango.

Harvest will begin on the U.S. West Coast in late August with the Midwestern and Eastern U.S. and Eastern Canada picking shortly thereafter. One of the first premium varieties to reach markets each fall, SweeTango’s peak season is from September into November.

Introduced in 2009, SweeTango is known for its sweet blend of citrus, honey and spice flavors and its texture, which produces a loud crunch and burst of juice. Annual Nielsen scan data consistently ranks it as a best-selling club variety that frequently enjoys a position in the top ten of all apples sold during September, October and November.