Crescent City, California-based Rumiano Cheese Co. is celebrating its centennial in 2019, and the company has plenty in store for the year, says CEO Joe Baird.

“Tradition and innovation have been imperative threads woven throughout our rich 100-year history, and we look forward to highlighting both of these through new products and commitments,” he says.

In particular, Baird says, Rumiano is proud of the recent launch of its Rumiano Organic Grated and Shredded Cups. The convenient, classic Italian cheeses come in two flavors: Parmesan and Romano.

Rumiano also has gotten great responses to its newer Redwood Coast line of cheese. “People love the rich flavor of Sriracha Jack, and we're excited to be releasing two more flavors of these amazing, nutrient-rich North Coast Cheeses,” Baird says.

Historically, Rumiano has always done a great job on spicy cheeses, he says. Now the company is looking at how to put a sweet twist on that heat.

“We’re also excited to experiment with popular, complex Korean flavors and spices, enhanced by our high-fat, creamy cheese,” Baird says.

Rumiano will also be showing its newly rebranded Dry Monterey Jack and Peppato, two West Coast classics with new looks but made using the same time-honored, labor intensive techniques established at the company four generations ago.
Going forward, Baird says Rumiano will  keep a close eye on three big trends that are hitting not just cheese but other food categories: 

·          Emerging ethnic flavors that represent growing cuisines such as Indian, Korean and Middle Eastern will grow and take us beyond the historical spices. 

·          Consumers are looking for formats that are targeted to a specific use, especially grab and go. Delivering healthy fat and protein in a range of formats has also become increasingly important.

·          Occasion cheeses and the artisanal movement show no signs of slowing down.  Like craft beer, chocolate or coffee, more local, handcrafted product is desired, especially if the quality is on par with the European imports.