Point Reyes, California-based Point Reyes Farmstead, known for its blue cheeses, is rolling out new variation on its Point Reyes Toma, a table cheese.

The Toma is a versatile, all-day cheese suitable  for a variety of applications, says Lynn Giacomini Stray, Point Reyes’ co-founder and chief operating officer. The semi-hard Toma features buttery flavor up front and a grassy, tangy finish and is so well-balanced it “goes well with everything,” she says. Toma is a great melting cheese and goes well on pizzas, vegetables, burgers, paninis, quesadillas and many other foods, she says.

“People want versatility, convenience and to cook more foods where the cheese is the protein.”

In 2018, Point Reyes added a second production plant to handle increased demand for Toma, and the company highlighted the cheese at IDDBA June 2-4 in Orlando.

New in 2019 are three flavored versions of Toma that will be targeted for the fall and winter holiday season, Giacomini Stray says. “Retailers are looking for something special and new to introduce at the holidays,” she says.

The first flavored Toma is Japanese-themed and includes chili, ginger, sesame and other spices.

Giacomini Stray says it’s hot without being too hot. “It’s very different — not the typical pepperjack or other spicy cheese,” she says. “It’s a nice heat without being overpowering. It still tastes like cheese.”

The new Provence Toma is targeted for Thanksgiving and is perfect with roast chicken and potatoes and other hearty holiday fare, Giacomini Stray says.

The third variation on Roma, Truffle, is what Giacomini Stray characterizes as a “classic” flavor that will roll out in September.

Available in both wheel and exact weight wedge formats, the three new Tomas were introduced to the industry via soft launch at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, Giacomini Stray says.

Toma is the winner of a number of a number of awards, including three in 2017: World Cheese Awards in London (bronze), American Cheese Society, Farmstead (1st) and the California State Fair (gold).

With its Toma and other cheeses, Point Reyes is shipping more exact-weight wedges, Giacomini Stray says. “Traditionally we’re more whole-wheel, but more groceries want to do specialty cheeses but they don’t have the capability” of having someone who can cut cheeses instore, she says.