Packaging specialist Placon is partnering with a local baseball team to raise awareness about recycling.

Bottle recycling areas with the Placon logo on them will be placed at Madison’s Duck Pond ballpark, home to the Madison Mallards. The areas will showcase the story of how Placon has made its EcoStar recyclable materials in Madison since 2011.

Placon brings in curbside-collected PET bottles and thermoforms, sort, wash and process them back into a food-grade, reusable PET resin that is given a second life and made into new food or retail packaging that is used by customers across North America.

The company’s EcoStar facility is able to process and recycle 83 pounds of PET bottles and thermoforms per minute, per day. Placon is helping to divert over 120,000 pounds of PET containers from the landfills every day and recycling over 1 billion containers each year, enough to wrap around the world 4 times.