Café Valley is partnering with celebrated soda brand 7UP to expand its line of cake bites with a new bit-sized cake that features the flavor of the best-selling soda.

Made with real 7UP flavor, the treats join the company's line of cake bite varieties, playing on their flagship of popular soda cake dessert flavors.

“Our partnership with 7UP assures consumers get the precise flavor they would expect from this household soda brand,” says Brian Owens, CEO of Café Valley. “Our soda cake lines have been a big hit, so adding the convenience of a bite-size form makes it all the more appealing for today’s busy, on-the-go consumer.”

The company says its new 7UP Cake Bites are in response to the growing demand for its signature, ready-to-eat products and the increased interest in a diverse variety of uniquely flavored baked goods.