Over the past seven years, the price of gluten has risen – right along with consumer demand for variety breads with multiple inclusions. The drought of 2012 added fuel to the fire, scorching crops and leading to even higher ingredient prices. Bottom line? Baking tasty breads, bagels and buns with whole grains, fiber, fruits, seeds and nuts has become an increasingly expensive proposition.

GEM 100, Corbion Caravan’s new, clean label dough improver for yeast-leavened dough formulas, reverses the trend. Adding GEM 100 to the recipe allows producers to reduce – or eliminate – expensive vital wheat gluten.

"With GEM 100, the gluten and related costs can be reduced without sacrificing taste, texture, product quality or the consumer’s eating experience," says Abby Ceule, Director, Marketing Communications, Corbion Caravan. "You can retain the quality of original products with no negative impact on the ingredient declaration."

Ceule says recipes incorporating GEM 100 produce baked goods that are as voluminous as white bread, with the structure, strength and overall quality consumers expect.