Grilling season is heating up and nothing tops off a perfectly barbecued hamburger or hot dog like a nice soft bun.

Corbion Caravan introduces Ultra Fresh® Premium 300: a new bun solution that maintains freshness and lowers costs. Ultra Fresh Premium 300, specifically designed for buns and rolls, reduces added sugar and yeast.

Ultra Fresh Premium 300, the new bun solution from Corbion Caravan, keeps buns and rolls softer and more resilient longer. At the same time, this optimized solution allows producers to reduce the amount of sugar, high fructose syrup and yeast added to the formula.

The result? Less baking time in the oven, lower costs and increased profits.

“With warmer weather here, we’re moving into the peak selling season for hamburger and hot dog buns,” says Barb Murphy, Director, Consumer Insights, Corbion Caravan. “Last year’s retail numbers showed that eight of the top 10 selling weeks for buns were in the summer months. That makes this the perfect time to lower production costs. As part of our industry leading Ultra Fresh Premium line, this new bun solution helps our customers increase profits while maintaining the taste, texture and freshness their customers expect.”

Ultra Fresh Premium 300 builds on the proven success of Corbion Caravan’s industry-leading Ultra Fresh technology.

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