Retailer members of the Food Marketing Institute and the National Grocers Association are lobbying for continued tax rate reductions and other measures on Capitol Hill April 30-May 1.

Members of the two groups will participate in nearly 200 meetings with members of Congress and their staff during the annual Day in Washington event.

Grocers and food industry executives will advocate for bipartisan support on “Restoring Investment in Improvements Act” (H.R. 1869 and S. 803), the importance of tax rate reductions and making them permanent, as well as the need to make the payments marketplace more competitive and secure for consumers, merchants, issuing banks and the economy, according to FMI and NGA.  

Attendees will also hear remarks from Deputy Secretary of Treasury Justin Muzinich, who advised the Secretary on the recent tax reform legislation.

“The single most effective means for educating new and established congressional offices about challenges grocers face with payments and the crucial need for tax reform corrections is for our members to meet face to face with their representatives and directly relay their firsthand experiences,” says Leslie Sarasin, FMI’s president and CEO. “Nothing compares to the power of  grocers authentically sharing how policy decisions affect their business operations, their 4.8 million employees and their customers.”