Butterball LLC has created a new executive position devoted to risk management and filled it.

Suzanne Griffin, the company’s senior vice president, general counsel and secretary, has added chief risk officer to her job titles.

Griffin, who has a broad legal background in agriculture, industry and finance, will assume direct responsibility for environmental and workplace safety management as well as providing oversight for other risk related issues. Lankford Ruffin, corporate environmental manager, and Brian Rodgers, senior director of workplace safety and risk management, will now report directly to Griffin.

“Suzanne has done an excellent job providing consultative support in various areas of risk management, and given the complexity of our business, we feel there is a need to centralize these activities under one umbrella,” says Butterball’s president and CEO, Jay Jandrain. “She and her new team will work to align her functions with the company’s strategic priorities, focusing on improved processes. Our industry-leading workplace safety and environmental records will continue to be top priorities for our company and will only be enhanced under Suzanne’s leadership.”