Irvington, New York-based BrightFarms, a supplier of locally grown salads for supermarkets, was recently awarded the Produce Innovation Award at Walmart's 2019 Supplier Growth Forum.

The award follows a  launch of BrightFarms salads in Walmart locations in Ohio.

BrightFarms says its produce reaches Walmart stores within 24 hours of harvest. The award comes amid Walmart's plan to expand BrightFarms' products into an additional 50 stores in the Columbus, Ohio, metro area this spring.

“Everyone at BrightFarms was thrilled to win Walmart’s Innovation Award. We are enjoying working with Walmart in their successful efforts to grow their grocery sales, and I’m grateful that consumers in the Columbus metro area will soon have access to our delicious baby greens.” says Paul Lightfoot, BrightFarms CEO. “We look forward to the opportunity to continue to grow with Walmart in additional markets in the future.”