NEW YORK – Greg “The Great White Shark” Norman became a household name by dominating the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world. These days, The Shark is making his mark in meat snacks with the debut of Greg Norman Signature Wagyu Beef Jerky, the first 100-percent Australian Wagyu Beef Jerky on the market in the United States.

The premium meat snack is available in mesquite and teriyaki flavors. The jerky is marketed as all natural, gluten-free with no artificial preservatives and free of nitrates and nitrites. Each bag contains 17.5 g of protein. Caribe Producers LLC created the mesquite and teriyaki recipes and will be representing the line.

“We didn’t want to distract from the perfection of the Wagyu beef, so the recipes were carefully crafted to keep the taste of the authentic Australian Wagyu,” said Michael Hocklander, CEO of Caribe Producers. “This resulted in two unique styles of seasoning for Greg Norman Signature Wagyu Beef Jerky that we are extremely proud to offer.”

Norman has maintained a lifelong interest in the beef business which started while he worked on cattle stations in his youth. In 2006, Norman partnered with AAco to launch a high-end foodservice line of prime Australian Wagyu beef. The Greg Norman Signature Wagyu Beef Jerky is available through Amazon and will be hitting retail shelves later this year.

“Having developed my own line of premium branded Australian Wagyu beef more than a decade ago, I am thrilled to bring a new product offering to the market that is accessible to everyone,” Norman said. “I truly believe this is the best jerky available — tender, flavorful and straight from Australia.”