Blackhawk Network, Inc., a leading prepaid payment network, today announced a new platform that allows customers to use various services using their Reloadit packs.

The new Reloadit platform offers a secure online service called the Reloadit Safe.  The Safe allows customers to digitally store their Reloadit packs, add money to multiple general-purpose reloadable (GPR) cards, schedule recurring loads of GPR card(s), and even pay bills. By using the Safe, consumers can pay many bills with their Reloadit Pack for only one purchase fee.

"The Reloadit platform has been redesigned to offer much more than the simple loading of GPR cards," said David Tate, Blackhawk Network Senior Vice President of Products and Marketing. "Customers can use their cash to pay bills and load multiple prepaid cards with one Reloadit pack, creating additional convenience and decreasing the amount of fees they pay to use their money."

In addition to the new service, the packs and website have been redesigned, reflecting new services that are being made available to customers. Signing up for Reloadit Safe is quick and easy – requiring only a verified email account and a password.

New customers can purchase a Reloadit Pack at thousands of U.S. locations throughout Blackhawk's network, including top grocery stores across the country. Packholders can sign up for a Reloadit Safe at