The 180th Munich Beer Festival, or the Oktoberfest as the Germans call it, ended on October 6th. Rational has been a partner of this largest fairground event for many years. This year, 70 of the company's cooking appliances were used in almost all of the marquee tents at the Wiesn, as the festival is colloquially known in Germany. One of these tents is operated by Pschorr Braurosl, whose owners have appreciated the reliability and quality of Rational's products for many years.

"I can simply no longer imagine the kitchen in my tent without Rational appliances," says Pascal Heide-Nigg, head chef of the Pschorr Braurosl. "With any other appliance, I could not manage the menu and the amount of food we serve our guests." Heide-Nigg and his team serve between 6000 and 7000 meals at the Oktoberfest every day. Six cooking appliances from Rational help him master this enormous task.

It is his 13th time at the Wiesn and his family, Heide, has been operating the Pschorr Braurosl since 1936. Admittedly, the cooking appliances from Rational were not around when the family first began; the company is only celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Today, many of the tents could not operate without Rational.

"Not one of the Rational appliances has ever let me down," Heide-Nigg says. "Whether roast pork, suckling pig, duck, or our traditional sauerbraten, the results are always outstanding thanks to Rational, and that is a guarantee."

This is the exact enthusiasm the market leader in hot food preparation wants to hear from its customers. According to the latest study from the TNS market research institute, Rational belongs to the top 5% of companies with the highest customer satisfaction ratings worldwide. 

You can watch the entire interview with Pascal Heide-Nigg in a two and a half minute trailer of the Oktoberfest at