A longtime Canadian greenhouse vegetable grower and packer has launched its own brand.

The Perpetual Vegetable Co. is the new name for the 76-plus-acre pepper and cucumber operation owned by the Randhawa family of Abbotsford, British Columbia, which has been growing and packing for more than 25 years.

“To us, the word ‘perpetual’ means the continuous cycle of life,” says Vijay Randhawa, business director, who manages the company alongside his father, Kan, and brothers Ajay and Amit. “It’s about sustainability, rejuvenation and energy. The food we grow becomes vital energy for people. We know that eating fresh produce means making a positive choice for yourself and your loved ones. Our brand represents that perpetual cycle of eating well, feeling good, and inspiring others to do the same by being positive and productive.”

Supporting the Perpetual Vegetable Co. brand is the positioning line “Life grows on,” which Randhawa said conveys the spirit of the label in both practical and philosophical terms. 

“Greenhouses are recognized as the future of farming, considering scarcity of land and the critical necessity to conserve resources,” he says. “We can grow upwards of 20 times more per acre of land with dramatically less water than outdoor farming, while managing any pests naturally. The control systems in our greenhouses allow for the conservation and recycling of water, carbon dioxide and other valuable nutrients. Because of these systems, life grows on, like people with their children and plants with their seeds.”

Long seedless cucumbers and sweet bell peppers grown by the Randhawas in the Perpetual Vegetable Co. brand are available exclusively from Vancouver, British Columbia-based Oppy.

“It’s exciting to see the Randhawas positioning their business and products for new opportunities with the Perpetual Vegetable brand while making ongoing investments in their operation,” says Oppy President David Smith, pointing out expansions like two new packing lines and over 20,000 square feet of cooler space added in the last year. “We appreciate the chance to contribute to their strategy and present this high quality branded product line to our customers together.”