Superior Farms, a leading lamb producer and processor, is offering foodservice customers a pre-cooked, seasoned boneless leg of lamb.

The company’s Fine Wood Herb Boneless Leg of Lamb is available through national and regional distributors ahead of the Easter holiday and year-round. The cut is seasoned with salt, brown sugar, onion, black pepper, paprika, garlic, herbs, and other flavors, according to Superior Farms.

“We have considered the many ways one can incorporate leg of lamb into a dish or meal, and thoughtfully seasoned our premium product in a way that keeps it very versatile,” said Anders Hemphill, vice president of marketing and brand strategy at Superior Farms. “You can serve a whole leg of lamb this Easter alongside seasonal veggies, prepare a hearty soup inspired by popular global flavors, throw delicate slices in a salad or make tacos.”

The pre-cooked leg of lamb is the most recent innovation from Superior Farms. Earlier this month, the company debuted pre-cooked lamb meatballs with feta cheese.