Online ordering and food delivery apps are aimed toward consumers looking for a fully prepared meal. At the same time, those consumers are increasingly cooking at home.

IDDBA explores whether those same platforms might be positioned to offer partially prepared meals and meal components from the deli, much like a grocery delivery service.

According to a report by UBS, online food delivery could represent 10% of the total foodservice market and online apps offer a delivery platform for retailers who did not previously offer delivery. 

And according to FMI, being seen along with restaurant competitors is particularly important as technology usage is much higher among above average spending audiences with a greater propensity for eating out. In fact, two-thirds of those who dine out at foodservice multiple times per week use technology in out-of-home dinner planning, compared to 31% overall.

Shoppers likely to use technology for dinner planning:

  •   Eat out an average of three times per week
  •   Are convenience-focused
  •   Frequently mix semi- and fully-prepared items with scratch-made