The “ugly produce” trend in retail grocery stores may have already peaked.

Walmart and Whole Foods are among the chains that have ended their efforts to sell misshapen, damaged or undersized fruits and vegetables at reduced prices, according to an Associated Press story.

“Customers didn’t accept it as much as we had hoped,” Mona Golub of Price Chopper, a grocery chain in the Northeast, says in the story. Price Chopper has also discontinued its offering of ugly produce.

Other regional chains that have stopped carrying ugly produce include Meijer in the Midwest, Maine-based Hannaford and Pittsburgh-based Giant Eagle.

Walmart no longer offers the damaged “I’m Perfect” apples it introduced in Florida in 2016.

Still, some stores and home delivery startups haven’t given up on the idea of selling less-than-perfect produce to reduce food waste and say they’re doing well, according to the story.

The supplier of the Misfits brand of fruit, Robinson Fresh, says about 300 grocery locations still sell the fruits and vegetables, including Hy-Vee stores. Kroger also said it still plans to introduce its “Pickuliar Picks” this spring.